Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs and over door springs provide the lifting force required to raise your door. If your door is heavy and hard to open or you have a broken spring you need to replace your current spring or springs for your overhead door to open and close properly without damaging your opener.

To find the correct spring or springs for your existing garage door you need to know the current size of your garage door spring or springs. Refer to our how to tutorial to correctly measure your spring. You need to know the total coil length.the coil inside diameter and the wire size.

If you do not find your spring listed contact us and we will be able to correctly match your spring with our stock.

If you have a two spring set up and only one broke it is recommended that you replace both due to the other spring has reached its cycle life and will also have lost some of its stored potential energy.

If you do not have a garage door spring to measure to acquire the measurements contact us with the following information,door weight, track radius and door height and we will be able to convert that information to the required springs or spring needed.

Garage door springs are typically sold for 10,000 cycle life, if you want a longer lasting spring due to high door usage contact us and we will be able to upgrade your spring to last longer. We cannot accept any spring returns due to safety regulations.

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